385372_314329818591504_301749076_nA little bit of Israel has made it’s way to Boynton Beach.

MOVE Fitness offers the world’s only complete self-defense system, HaganaH/F.I.G.H.T. (Fierce Israeli Guerilla Hand-to-Hand Tactics).  HaganaH is an Israeli self- defense system with roots to Krav Maga. HaganaH focuses on real world scenarios.  Students will learn defenses against punches, kicks, releases from chokes, bear hugs, head locks and other ambush style attacks.  Students will also learn defenses against knife threats and attacks, and gun threat disarms.  As a student, you will be exposed to the entire core curriculum in just 4 months, which mirrors the Israeli Defense Forces Training.

Students are trained to create a mindset that reacts to a violent situation by switching from a victim to an aggressor. Every touch is designed to create damage. Every tactic has both a defensive and offensive element. Techniques are overlapped to “short-circuit” and overwhelm the attacker.  Every technique builds on instinctive responses. There are no rules when you’re fighting for your life.

The HaganaH program is taught to civilians, law enforcement and military personnel. Just about anyone can do it, regardless of strength, size, or physical fitness. You’ll get in great shape, have an absolute blast and get the same kind of confidence of the professionals. The confidence that comes from knowing you can handle whatever situation you might encounter. It’s confidence that comes out not only in physically threatening situations (which will hopefully never occur) but also in your daily life. We include upgraded and evolved scenario training. Our system is continually enhanced and combat proven!


About the instructor:

Frank Latella is a martial artist and fitness enthusiast. He holds a black belt in HaganaH and received the 2013 “Instructor of the Year” award by the founder of the system, Mike Lee Kanarek. Aside from the F.I.G.H.T. curriculum, Frank offers training in tactical knife fighting, ground survival, carjacking defense, trench fighting (close quarter combat), combat shooting (handgun and rifle) and Muay Thai kickboxing.  He can be reached at (973) 975-2467 or FJLatella@gmail.com

HaganaH- The evolution of Krav Maga

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