This program is for those who are active or prospective members of the armed forces, police, or other tactical units… or just want to train like one.

– Customized MOVE Tactical Fitness program
– Individual and ongoing assessments
– Small group training sessions

Tactical Fitness is different than traditional training — it trains officers for the function ability of the job. The focus is not on bench pressing and weight training, instead the focus is on building strength and flexibility in specific areas officers easily strain or injure in the field such as their shoulders and lower backs.Preventing these injuries is critical for a successful law enforcement career, and programs like Move Tactical’s approach the “work out routine” from a more practical perspective can give officers the tools they need to maintain themselves throughout their career, allowing them to better serve the public and minimize the potential for health related issues in retirement.


NEW! Specialty Training Class 3x’s a Week – 6 Person Max.

IMG_6078 IMG_0397Military style conditioning training 3 times a week, if you think regular classes are challenging you have to try this! Taking your fitness to the ultimate level. Limited to 6 people per class with Jared Bolen.

Current members $75 for non-members $95

MOVE also offers enhanced, specialized training for local Law Enforcement, Fire Department and Military Athletes.

Obstacle training preparation, wall climbing, rope climbing,  rucking, team building. Ideal preparation for obstacle race performance.  Improve your grip, pulling ability, and overall strength in your legs and upper body.  All may be customized to your organizations’ individual needs. Contact Jared for pricing and details to get started today!

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